Selling used Kindle Fire on eBay if anyone would like to buy one [Edit: Sold!]

Edit: This item was sold and shipped off, never to be seen again :'(

If you are interested in purchasing a used Kindle Fire I have one up for sale on eBay at the following link:

To reiterate some of the auction details:

The device is in excellent condition. There is just one minor scratch on the screen near the power button that is hardly noticeable. Other than that there are no other noticeable signs of wear. I find that I hardly ever use my Kindle Fire so selling it to someone else that is actually going to use it seems like a good idea. If you live nearby and would like to buy it directly from me that can probably be arranged as long as there are no bids on the item (as of this writing there are none). I don’t think auctions can be cancelled after bidding starts. It would save on the hassle of the shipping process/costs.

Some pictures of the device:

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